Baby Massage & Mama Fit

4 weeks to 6 months old

The Baby Massage & Mama Fit classes are designed for new mothers and their babies starting from 4 weeks to pre-crawling age. During the classes, the babies enjoy a soothing rhythmic massage and special bonding time with mothers; a positive first-experience in quality time in its simplest and most relaxing form. Mothers are led through low-impact, Pilates post-natal recovery exercises for pelvic floor and abdominal muscle toning and spinal re-alignment to help regain pre-baby body. This class can help your baby to sleep, and ‘settle’ for the rest of the day, and gives you a chance to meet other new mothers.

Mom & Baby Yogalates

6 to 15 months old

Babies are natural yogis; naturally flexible, open, and sociable! 

In the Mom-Baby Yogalates classes, mobile babies to early walkers practice yoga on their backs, stomachs, and in their mothers’ arms. The instructor guides the mothers through a set of yoga-based stretches, poses, and movements for their babies which enhance their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. The Baby Yoga sequences are coupled with interactive rhymes and songs that lead to an enjoyable experience for mom and baby.

Throughout the class, mothers will be lead through modified Pilates exercises focusing on regaining strength in abdomen, back, hips, and shoulders. This class is a chance for mothers to workout, while bonding with their babies, and at the same time meet other moms.

Toddler Yoga

18 to 36 months old

The Toddler Yoga classes advance with the more mobile and playful nature of toddlers starting 24 months to 4 years old. In these classes, mothers engage in a more lively based yoga with their children. The classes given will be based on the SMART toddler approach, which stands for Stretch, Move, and Relax, Together. The SMART approach promotes exercising in a manner that is fun for children and encourages the building of strength, balance, flexibility, and relaxationThese classes also promote language and listening skills for toddlers, as they are encouraged to be more self-aware and reflective.

No prior yoga experience is required to attend these classes.